Sunday, February 08, 2009

Evolution slowly creeps into our Catholic home....

We caught the final 20 minutes of David Attenborough show Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life earlier. Obviously it was quite wonderful. I doubt there's a moment of television with David Attenborough that isn't in some way worthwhile.
Just before the end of it there's a 6 minute or so animation that should really be shown in every school. It's a stunningly concise explaination of evolution and certainly had Molly's attention.

So this could be the first chink in that Catholic armour. She's already planning where she's going to put the BBC / Open University's free Evolution poster.

It's on the BBC iPlayer right now here. But the amazing Tree Of Life video is on You Tube here.


  1. Ah, that's it, you're all damned to hell :-)

  2. oh yes. Knew it already.