Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a way to start the day: Maths homework....

Molly's, not mine. Normally we do her homework on the day we get it - Thursday. Except last Thursday we were busy and didn't get around to it, so with visitors over the weekend, this is the first time we get to do it.

There's a pattern to homework in our house. Reconvene from lounge to kitchen table. Lay out required paper and writing materials on table, look at maths homework, complain loudly and bitterly, at length that she can't do it, throw a strop about it, get talked down by caring parents, do homework. Repeat with every other question on the worksheet.

Oh we love Maths homework at Bruton mansions. The really annoying thing is that she's really good and knows what to do, but lacks a little confidence in her own abilities to do them. Very, very frustrating. Nearly done now though, probably not helped by me sitting next to her typing this. Ooops.

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