Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Neil Gaiman and prose and me and Molly

We started reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman tonight for Molly's bedtime book. We started it a while ago but it was a little too scary for her. But she's ready for it now and we've decided to read it before we see the film in May.

And it's a great book, perfect for reading aloud, just like all of Gaiman's children's books that we've read so far. He writes glorious prose for this age group, scary, creepy stuff but . And I love his comic work. But I just find myself at a bit of a loss when it comes rto reading his adult prose. I keep trying to read his books; the last one was Anansi Boys which was alright but nothing like as good as either his comics or his children's books. So I'll keep enjoying his comics and I'll keep enjoying his books with Molly. But I may lay off his grown up prose for a little while.

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