Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bloody hell - a good day......

Good day at school. Everything went well. No annoyances from shitty software. Lovely day with all the Foundation pupils in the ICT suite. That great joy they have of experiencing something new. Tuesday's are always a tiring day, looking after the little ones and keeping them amused all day is knackering but so much fun. At one point I ended up wearing a piece of A4 paper selotaped to my back with some lines drawn on - it was a superhero cape one of the kids had made for me. That's why Tuesday's are great.

Then got home and started the job of installing the new Home Hub that BT had shipped to me as an upgrade. They phoned up a few weeks ago and offered me a broadband price reduction and a new Hub. Now I know a lot of people have a real problem with BT and their broadband service. But I can honestly say I've never had a problem with them (yet).

But as with any sort of upgrade there's always that problem of replacing stuff what works with new stuff. So I'm a touch wary of potentially screwing up my entire Internet setup. But I shouldn't have worried. Unplugged the old one, plugged in the new one, blue lights came on, stuck the cd in and set it up in 10 minutes. Bloody great. Stuff that works exactly way it's meant to. Amazing.

(The full-on Bruton Mansions multimedia experience; Coffee, Blog, iPlayer)

And now I'm sat upstairs typing this out, answering e-mails and getting stuff done before the Battlestar Galactica fest later on tonight.

I've got the eepc sat in front of me and the iPlayer on. Have watched last weeks QI. Now onto Dave Gorman's Genius - like I thought, so far it's really good, but not as good as the radio version. After that I reckon I've just about got time to catch up with the Stewart Lee show I missed last night.

Perfect Day. Near enough.

(& yes, I realise that talking about how great the Internet setup is means that it's very likely to go hideously wrong any time now.)

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