Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A wasted day ... why government organisations shouldn't produce software. Ever.

The day went well today at school. Up until the point I was asked to do something with a dvd that the dfes had produced on dyslexia. Then it all went downhill fast. The dvd itself is the worst resource I've ever seen. Complicated beyond belief and completely impossible to navigate in any meaningful way. It looks very pretty. But functionality got lost somewhere in the design process. Talking to various people who went on the original course on this, they have nothing good to say about it at all. Even the people delivering the training spent more time apologising about the crapness of the dvd.

The only way we can even use the dvd is to just treat it as a very simple resoource and guide the staff through it without letting them go off on their own and get impossibly lost. Even then it's going to take me sitting down and spending hours making a spreadsheet for them to fill in as they go. My rage at the moron who designed this cd just grew and grew as I realised there was no way we were going to be able to get this rubbish ready for a training session on Wednesday. Thankfully the head was willing to change the training session to next term.

The bad news is that the morons who brought us the Dyslexia dvd are coming out with a dvd on Autism. And that's going to be on a training course as well. The temptation to start trying to find the person writing these awful dvds is great. I could probably track him down and, in these financially troubled times, be able to hire a hitman for about £8.50. After the afternoon I had, it's very tempting.

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