Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crikey, busy weekend

Sat here, 3 minutes or so to midnight on Sunday night. Busy weekend just finished.

We had friends down on Saturday, so a day of kids and parks (and me doing work) followed by a night of chinese and pub and drinks in the kitchen. Strangely enough they are our kitchen friends. I have no idea why, but whenever they come up, we always spend the night in the kitchen around the table getting drunk.
Other friends, we let in the lounge.

Today, it was Trampolining competition number 2. Molly did okay, bouncing well. We had a hair bobble incident as well, the coach decided she did have enough hair to tie back (which is the club rule) and took it upon herself to scrape back Molly's hair and do an enforced ponytail.
Molly. Not. Very. Happpy. At. All.

After that it was a chilled Sunday of rest, relaxation (for Louise and Molly) and work (me - how did you guess?). Got website stuff done early and then actually got a review done of Scott McClouds Zot finished. And I'm most of the way through a review of the beautiful Neil Gaiman, Charles Vess Blueberry Girl book.

All in all, very good weekend.

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