Monday, March 16, 2009

Reasons to hate the Daily Mail # 8154644973


I shouldn't really be surprised when I see that, yet again, the Mail has decided to go for it's own brand of pointless, idiotic, crappily written and badly researched journalism.

But it's Alan Moore. When you try and explain him to people who don't read comics you generally have to lead with the terms genius, eccentric, brilliant writer, great bloke, wizard (repeat the eccentric part here perhaps). But you always try to emphasise the general decency and genius-ness of the man.

The Daily Mail comes along and basically tries to imply he's some sort of penniless weirdo who dares to think he's above taking money that Hollywood has offered him. I know I should expect no more. But just occasionally I'd like to be surprised by them. But I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Racked off by this...just 'cos comics have pictures doesn't mean that the people behind them deserve less respect than you would afford any other artist...especially one who has reached certain levels of living legend status in his medium.

  2. That's pathetic of them, but ever-so-slightly amusing, too. I'd love to find a contemporary bad review of one of Shakespeare's plays, 'Hamlet... how far can the bard go up his own backside?' 'Romeo & Juliet - pointless romantic drivel'. They'd be worth framing.