Friday, April 24, 2009

Charlie Brooker - rather essential viewing.

Charlie Brooker's Newswipe this week may have been "just" a clip show, but it did prove, yet again, that Brooker's television is possibly the best thing on television at the moment. And having a chance to go over it again absolutely proves it.

With Battlestar Galactica gone, the only things I'm actually making time to sit down and watch is Newswipe. I've missed out on the Wire thanks to the Beeb's ridiculous decision to stick it on at 11 each night. There's no bloody way I can make time every single night to settle down with it. I think a dvd boxset may be called for. Other than Newswipe I genuinely can't think of anything that makes me settle down in front of the TV.

Dave Gorman's Genius is alright, but to be honest it was so much better on the radio. QI repeats are always worth sticking on of course and the Simpsons is always on around 7ish in our house but that's about it now. The news and newsnight get viewed when I'm in front of the TV at the right time, but even Newsnight seems to have fallen prey to the new vogue for sexing up the reports, putting their reporters in costume and acting badly for the camera rather than actually telling us the news with the simple assumption that we might be able to think about the story.

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