Thursday, April 23, 2009

Of bicycles and city girls....

Molly never learnt to ride a bike properly. Where we used to live in Birmingham learning to ride meant loading the bike with stabilisers into the car, driving a few miles to a park and having a ride. So she could ride, but not without stabilisers.

And when we moved house up here to Yorkshire the bike was too small so we passed it on to someone smaller and pledged to get a bike when we got sorted. Time passes and we manage to get a bike through a friend and then found no bloody time to get out and use it. To be fair the first six months we were busy. The first summer most of Pocklington was underwater and the rain never seemed to stop. But we are completely to blame since then. Sometimes the important things get left behind.

Fast forward to now and we've decided to teach her to ride a bike. So far not so good. Did the parenting thing and went to local empty car park and we tried, we really did. But 9 is just not the best age to do it. When they're young there's none of the same fears, stroppiness and general stubbornness we managed to get yesterday. Big, big falling out.

We try again tomorrow. Something to look forward to for the weekend.

Lesson to parents - get that 5 year old out to the park, take the training wheels off and when they fall off and bounce, think yourself lucky that they don't start screaming and shouting and threaten to walk off and call child line.

Okay, I exaggerated about threatening to call child line.

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