Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter holiday going well.....

All is going well this holiday. I'm chilled. I'm deliberately not doing any schoolwork at all, and it's great. On top of this I've got a plan to review until I drop; a 16 day holiday and 16 reviews to do. 6 days down, 6 reviews done. And they're all reviews I'm happy with, which makes a nice change. There's a pile of books on the shelf waiting to be reviewed with new ones coming in each week, but if I can get the reviews done this holiday that I've got planned I'll have really made a big impression on the shelf.

And Molly's having a great holiday as well. We've not really done that much stuff but it's one of those holidays where not doing much stuff is just fine and fun in itself. We've spent days mooching around, she's done pottery at the local secondary, been round to friends, had friends round, been to the pictures and just generally had a great time. But we're not even halfway through the holiday yet. next up is four days with the whole family off together, during which we plan to do more stuff, watch Doctor Who, do some more stuff again and generally have more fun. And then it's four more days of relaxing holidays before the next weekend and back to school.

Shaping up to be an excellent holiday.

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