Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter: Eggs, Doctor Who and Red Dwarf....

Easter Saturday; family, food and sci-fi. Not a bad day really. Louise's sister and niece's came up to see us and to hand over Easter eggs. A lovely afternoon had by all, followed by a lovely meal and then we all settled down to the new Doctor Who.

After not really enjoying the last few specials, we didn't really expect that much, but it turned out to be one of the best specials yet. Probably something to do with the simple plot and limited cast and very likely down to a sense of lowered expectations on our part. But a really great hour of TV. Including that nice foreshadowing at the end. It's just going to get darker and darker from here we think.

Next on the sci-fi fest for Easter (and what better way to spend such a religious festival as celebrating imaginary and frankly impossible stories) was the second part of the Red Dwarf Back To Earth three parter. Lots of folks online saying they just didn't like it, but I actually thought it was an improvement on last night's poor opener. I like the metafictional bits and I'm actually rather looking forward to seeing how they're going to end it all tomorrow. Although I'm also more than prepared to be completely let down by the whole thing as well.

Now it's late on Easter Saturday and I have to play Easter bunny in a little while and put out the egg trail that Molly's hoping to find in the morning. Another one of those weirdd moments in parentall life along with the Tooth Fairy and Santa. And we're a little surprised that she's still believing this one, to the point where we think she might actually be playing along for either our sake or just to cover all the possibilities; if their is an easter bunny she gets eggs, if not she still gets eggs - win win for her I suppose. But still strange. Could be worse though; she could believe some bizarre little tale involving particularly gruesome ritual sacrifice and rebirth that folks keep going on about at this time of year.

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