Saturday, April 11, 2009

Returns and a sense of hmmmmmmm

Good Friday viewing: Red Dwarf & Jools Holland.

Now, I loved Red Dwarf when it first appeared on my screen, but I stopped watching it around the second series. And, having dutifully sat down tonight for the first part of the new special "Back To Earth" the only response I had was one of vague interest and rising disappointment. No doubt I'll be back tomorrow for part two (after seeing the new doctor who of course) and I imagine I'll have the same feeling of hmmmm. Again.

But then later that night I was flicking around the channels and happened upon the new Later With Jools Holland. The Specials come on and just do incredible stuff, great songs, great performance. So I guess that does show that you can come back. Just not if you're Red Dwarf.

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