Friday, April 03, 2009

Holiday Time Here Again

Holidays are here, and really not a moment too soon. I've managed to get the last week out of the way pretty much on vapours alone and I'm looking forward to a good couple of weeks to unwind and recharge. Of course, being me, I'm also looking to get caught up with some of the books that I didn't get around to reviewing last month. And sleeping. Sleeping would be good.

In fact the only thing I'll be definitely doing less of is website work for school. Seeing as I've done almost nothing else these past few weeks, I could really do with some time away from it. I always knew this last term would be all about the website and had set myself the task of getting it all finished (or at least the main setup phase) finished before the end of March. And I did it. The only things left to do now for the near future is to go through a few good school and council sites I've seen on my travels through the Internet thing and grab all the relevant links for the school site. And I've still got to get some nice summery shots of the school for the homepage as well. But that will have to wait until I'm back there.

So my last day for a couple of weeks was spent catching up, tidying up and generally not getting too involved in things that would take too long or extend into the holidays.

Meanwhile, Molly was having a great last day. Her school playground is having lots of work done on it and for some reason they had to start today. This means she's spent all day off site. Church first, then off to Burnby Hall for several easter treasure hunts and lots of playing. The afternoon they all packed into pockilington Arts Centre to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua. A dubious treat perhaps, but she enjoyed it.

So now it's straight into holidays. Thank god. I may sleep till Monday

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