Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quantum Of Solace

We got around to seeing Quantum Of Solace the other night. I'd been warned by so many people that it was a bit of a mess and warned by many more (including Mark Kermode, whose judgement in these things is usually right) that it's a complete mess.

But we both really like Bond movies. It's a bit of a taste blindspot I suppose. We'll sit and watch each new Bond film with the same level of expectation and anticipation and usually end up disappointed. But not last time; Casino Royale was a great Bond film. Daniel Craig a great Bond.

So Quantum of Solace we both looked forward to watching, even thoughh we'd both heard it was at least badly flawed. The thing we soon agreed on with almost everyone else is that Daniel Craig is still a great Bond. I think he's better than Connery. But Quantum Of Solace should be a better film to match his performance.

The movie starts really well. The theme song by Jack White and Alicia Keyes, so bloody awful on it's own works surprisingly well over the titles. Both of us thought so. Then the action kicks in. And it's good Jason Bourne style action. Too fast for Bond maybe but bloody lovely to look at. Set piece after set piece after set piece with Louise and I actually stopping every so often to check that we're getting the plot points right. Which is where it all went wrong. So many tiny plot points, layer upon layer of them that you're struggling to keep track of. Huge conspiracy. Interesting ideas. And it blows it in the last half hour or so. The huge "is that it?" when you realise that the stupid water shortage plot is the big reveal. Such a big letdown.

But even with the plot that's all over the place, even when all those lovely little plot points come together in one great big disappointing hmmm, it was still a good, enjoyable night's watching. Maybe next time they'll get it right and make another great Bond film.

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