Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sleepover at Bruton mansions

For the final weekend of the Easter holidays we've arranged a sleepover for Molly at Bruton mansions. So we've had a lovely afternoon with Molly hyper as a small hyper child with a friend over for a sleepover. Then they made their own tea - from dough to final pizza and eventually got to bed at 10.

But with sleepovers bedtime is rarely sleeptime and so it proves tonight. We've had requests for more drinks, toilet trips, extra blankets for the cold, too many blankets because it's too hot. On and on and on. But they're both flat out now and we can look forward to getting a long lie in tomorrow till at least 6:30.

But it doesn't matter, not when you see how excited they get and how much fun they have. So the late nights and the early mornings are worth it every time.

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