Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reviewing, reviewing, reviewing

Phew. Easter time. 2 weeks off. Not a thing done for school so far in 12 days. Have to do a little before going back but not too much. Instead I've spent all my time trying to reduce the mountain of comics on the reading shelf. The plan was 16 reviews in 16 days of holiday. So far, 11 in 12. Not bad at all.

The review shelf breaks down quite easily.

There's 10 books on there that are mine, bought ages ago now. Stuff I really want to get around to reading and reviewing when I have time (things like the big American Flagg collection from Image, Tamara Drewe by Posy Simmonds and Alice in Sunderland by Bryan Talbot - shockingly I have not read any of these yet).

Then there was a host of stuff big companies had sent to me to review. That's all done now. It's always nice to get them done asap so that big companies send me more stuff.

Then the equally important small press comics, which tend to get done right after the big company stuff. I've got another 9 of these to go in this batch. For some reason they always seem to come in waves, no idea why.

Then there's stuff I've grabbed from Nostalgia & Comics. Stuff I've borrowed to read and review rather than stuff to buy and keep. Bless Dave at Nostalgia for this, it's a very nice thing to be able to do. Keeps me relatively up to date with what's happening. This stuff gets replenished whenever I go down, or, as is the case now, when Dave has enough stuff to post up to me. I'm expecting a big parcel end of April for this stuff.

So I've got a whole 19 reviews to do and then the shelf will be empty. Except I'm never going to really finish. I know that, just as soon as I get a grip on it, school starts again and I get the parcels I've been expecting from various folks. Which means the "eventually" section remains a long way off!

But 11 reviews in 12 days is a nice achievement. Wonder if I can get to 16 in 16?

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