Wednesday, April 15, 2009

and still it refuses to really rain in Yorkshire

For the longest time, I dreaded the rain coming, knowing that it would inevitably mean a trip into the attic to change the towels mopping up the rain coming through the leaky roof. Then we finally got the builders to pull their fingers out and carry out the repairs they'd meant to have done over two years ago when we told them the rain was coming in.

And since then it's not really rained at all up here. Typical. We've had drizzle, occasional showers, but nothing worthwhile, nothing that really proves one way or annother that the repairs have or haven't worked. And tonight it seems that London and most parts south of here are having a torrential downpour and I'm feeling almost jealous. The irony is not lost on me.

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  1. For years, every time it started raining I would wait for the insidious drip-drip of water coming through my study roof. The worst thing was that the drip moved around. Once it soaked a bunch of my comics, another time it nearly frazzled my computer.

    Then we got some new builders in and a really great roofer fixed it. Now I lok forward to hearing the rain coming down when I'm working, the heavier the better, as I know the study is going to stay snug and dry!

    Oh dear, though - am I tempting fate? :-)