Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reviews, reviews, reviews and an Easter success story

Easter holiday nearly over and I've been working hard. Not on schoolwork, that wasn't the plan at all. I've pretty successfully managed to ignore the school to-do list all holiday. Which is good. No, the plan this holiday was to hit the review shelf as hard as I could. I set myself the rather optimistic goal of a review a day for the holiday. 16 days. 16 reviews. I didn't expect to make it, but today, about 10 minutes ago in fact I put the final save onto the 16th review of the holiday, one day ahead of schedule.

So I'm sat back on the sofa, G&T in hand, basking in the self satisfied glow of actually achieving a goal I'd set for myself. Of course, me being me, I'm now thinking that it might be nice to try for one a day for April. 16 down, 14 to go?

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