Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Richard is busy, come back in May.....

Okay, after a busy March getting the website done for school, April has been taken up with reviewing comics. Originally I had looked at the ever growing reviews shelf and decided that Easter holidays would be the time to really make a difference. So a plan was hatched - 16 days of holiday - 16 reviews.

I made it and did so early. So, true to form, instead of being satisfied with that I figured I'd go for the really stupid idea of 30 reviews for April, 1 a day. This immediately put me behind schedule by 3 days. And now it's the 28th - although for me it's still the 27th until I go to bed - and I've managed 25 reviews so far. Impressive beyond belief really, but still disappointing to think I'm probably not going to manage the 30 in 30 I was after.

Unless, of course, I just concentrate everything on reviewing and leave everything else aside. Which is why I'm going quiet for a couple of days. Maybe. Although usually when I say that I'm popping up here every couple of hours with something or other. We shall see.

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