Monday, May 25, 2009

Bike. I has a bike.

I've bought myself a bike. A rather nice looking Apollo mountain bike. No idea whether it's any good or not, because I know just slightly less about bikes than I do about D.I.Y. or space travel. But it looks good and rides well. And seeing as it's fairly new and cost £45 and seems to have all the essential things in the right place (2 wheels, frame, brakes, seat) I think it was a pretty good deal.

Molly and I went out on the bikes earlier as we dropped her down to her friend's house for an afternoon. Then I went off on a little round Pocklington tour. About 2 miles of country roads resulting in leg muscles that wouldn't stop twanging for a little while afterwards. But it was fantastic. Haven't been on a bike properly since I was mid teens and fell off one rather spectacularly, but riding around the country roads was just great. Can see myself really enjoying this new hobby rather a lot. If only so that I can keep up with Molly on her bike now.

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