Sunday, May 24, 2009

Molly loves the bike thing....

After taking forever to get her onto a bike (see here), it now seems that we can't get her off one. Everywhere we go she insists upon taking the bike along and is getting to be quite the little speed demon on it. We knew that she'd love riding but even we weren't quite ready for how much.

Next week we may well take back the small bike we borrowed and try out the big bike that someone at school very kindly gave us ages ago. And here, partly as proof and partly through pride, is Molly.......

And later today, because I'm getting fed up with walking everywhere with her, I'm off to look at a second hand bike. The last time I seriously had a bike was over 20 years ago. I might be a little rusty.


  1. Well done.

    Now pump her tyres and put her seat up.

    The back tyre is definitely soft, and if it is the front probably is too. That seat could stand to go quite a way up - Molly's leg should be much straighter at the bottom of the stroke and near, not beyond horizontal at the top. She'll be much more comfortable as a result. She'll go quicker too :)

    Since you've just got a bike for yourself, you should do the same to that as well ...

  2. Hi Jez,

    That's the borrowed bike - she just didn't want to try the bigger bike that fits her. So having her feet comfortably planted on the ground was definitely the way to go.

    New bike - her bigger one - has two proper tyres and her legs are just right!