Wednesday, May 06, 2009

FPI blog - the #1 comics blog in the UK

And that's not just our opinion either. Recently we had some very surprising and very pleasing news that the FPI blog, that which I do all these comic reviews and articles for, is ranked #31 on the list of top UK blogs. The table is here, the methodology by the company that collected and collated the data is here.

As Kenny wrote on the blog yesterday:
The FPI blog has ....... been ascertained to place 31st in Cision’s listing of the ‘leading 50 blogs’ in the UK. To say we are surprised is something of an understatement, but we are all flush with pride nonetheless.

Cision are one of the world’s leading media ‘intelligence’ companies - in a simple sense they provide information for marketing and PR people which will allow them to target audiences more comprehensively in pursuit of getting across whatever useful or fanciful message they might want to disseminate.

It’s pretty unusual for something as specialist as the FPI blog with its primary coverage of Comics and some related fields to feature in a list like this. It made us sit up and realise that whilst from day to day we can sometimes feel we are ‘broadcasting’ to the void there are in fact many people out there reading the blog.
Very pleasing to think that we're that popular and I get to be a little part of that. I especially liked the bit later in the post where Kenny talks about the potential future of the blog and dismisses almost out of hand any thoughts of trying to "monetise" the blog following this achievement.

That's what I like about the FPI blog - we have to sit in the formidable shadow of the parent company, which is still, rather ridiculously seen as rather a big, corporate player in the UK comic retail industry, and I think we still manage to be an unbiased, level-headed place to talk about every aspect of comics. Kenny's reluctance to slap advertising all over the blog, pack it out with links and his determination to let us all write pretty much whatever we like is much to his credit. So we'll carry on doing what we do, talking about comics in every aspect; from tiny print run small press work to the biggest names in the business and from all over the world; the UK, Europe, the US and beyond.

So thanks very much to everyone reading this who reads the FPI blog. And if you don't, give it a go; we think you'll like it.

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