Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday fun, biking with the Brutons....

Today Molly and I went for our first proper bike ride together. She's on the big bike now and is so very proud of herself and she and I cycle our way around Pocklington on our new bikes. We didn't venture that far, just a mile or so there and back, but it was great being able to see the place you live from a different perspective.

I've walked most of it at some point or other in the two and a half years but having the freedom of being on a bike means you can go exploring that little bit more, something Molly and I are determined to do over the coming months.

At one point today I even found myself making the altogether rash and stupid promise (just to myself) that I really have to look at cycling the five or so miles to work. Maybe one day.

Tomorrow it's back in the car for an early start and a trip to Hull for a not too pleasant meeting. More on that tomorrow later in the week.


  1. Five miles? Even now, with no practice and without having to do anything more than a comfortable pace, it will take around half an hour. You'll find it easier and get quicker inside a week.

    The weather's super at the moment - there can't be a better time to start, surely?

  2. the only problem with riding to work is timing - I drop Molly off at her school on foot, then walk back to the house for the car and drive to work.

    I can see me trying it when she's walking to school on her own in year 6 or definitely when she wants nothing to do with me in year 7!