Thursday, May 28, 2009

speeding along.....

Tuesday morning was spent on one of those speeding courses that Humberside police run. I got flashed by a speed camera a while back doing 59 in a 50. My own fault, I was rushing to get somewhere. So I've no complaints about it.

But the speed course was offered as an alternative to 3 points on the license. £75 for the course rather than a £60 fine and two and a half hours of my life spent in a small room. Not the most exciting time I've ever spent in a small room, but not too bad. Thankfully not too many of the people in attendance decided to open their mouths too much and we were all polite and attentive pupils. There was one bloke a few rows back who kept enquiring about the relevance and effectiveness of speed cameras. As soon as he started talking you could almost hear everyone in the room realise that he was adding an extra quarter of an hour onto the day. But thankfully, he shut up after a little while and we all sat there for the rest of the course being good pupils and taking our medicine well.

Interestingly I did find out some things during the day that I didn't know before going; namely that the speed limits I had in my head were wrong. Seems I've actually been going under the speed limit all this time; 60 for an A road on national speed limit and 70 for a dual carriageway on national speed limit. Possibly not the thing I should have taken from all this. But aside from going faster on A roads and dual carriageways, the £75 has done the trick and I find myself being a much nicer driver now. And sticking to 30 in a 30 zone really, really pisses everyone behind me off. It's worth it just to see their stressed out, annoyed faces in my rear view mirror.

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