Saturday, May 02, 2009

Reet Comics

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Reet Comics is the work of Hugh “Shug” Raine. On his website you’ll find an enormous collection of his work, loads of strips, the entire run of Reet Comics (all 37 issues of it) and a host of other stuff.
And pretty much all of it is worth an hour or two of your time. Whether it’s the very, very funny “Jenny’s Weird Friend” strip, the cutesy “Olive’s Mix tape”, the boozy silly rhyming seduction of “A God Awful Small Affair” or a rather good 24 hour comic, there’s plenty on Reet to make you smile. But my fave was Interference, a series of silent single panels mixing absurdity and imagination with Shug’s signature cutesy stylings.
Well worth a visit. Here’s a couple of samples, see Hugh’s website for more.
(Jenny’s Weird Friend by Hugh Raine.)
cover.gif 1.gif 2.gif
(Olive’s Mix Tape by Hugh Raine.)
Int 1.gif int 2.gif int 3.gif
(Inteference by Hugh Raine)

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