Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another moany post about work, work and more work.

God, I'm tired. At present all I seem to be spending my time doing is working and writing, writing and working. It gets to the stage about 1am when I can actually feel my eyes hurting and have to fight against the tiredness to just stay awake and stay functioning.

School is now into the grand end of year changeover and sort. It may seem a long time to spend on this sort of thing, but it's now last week in June effectively. We finish on 17th July. This means that I've only got 17 days left at school to get it all done. And, aside from the complete clean off I'm planning, there's a lot of stuff to get done. This year I'm going round every single computer, cleaning it out, trimming the OS, making them all run cleaner and faster and then physically cleaning the mountain of dust out of them as well. Then there's changing all the network stuff over and final year end bacups to clean off the server, plus the website to change over to reflect the new school year; moving all of the galleries for 08/09 to archives and setting up new galleries for 09/10. Lots and lots and lots of work. But all relatively easy and simple. Just got to rush to get it all done.

And on the comic reviews front it's just as busy. The review shelf is looking fairly full but I've got at least 10 books that really need reviewing NOW. After all, when people are kind enough to send them for review I feel some moral obligation to actually review them in some timely manner.

It hasn't helped that the last three reviews have been absolute bastards to write. And every single one of these difficult as all hell reviews was actually of something I figured would be quite easy. The last one took 5 bloody days to get right. Nothing would flow on it for the longest time and then suddenly tonight, all came good.

Probably isn't helping that I'm making time to get a little Wimbledon viewing in as well!

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