Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Head Girl? Fingers crossed

Tonight (last night? it's 1am Tuesday as I write this, to me it's still Monday night) we found out Molly has been put forward as a nominee for head girl at her school. Wow. Proud.

But there's a rather convoluted story behind it all. For the origins of it you really have to go back to Molly's first schol in Birmingham. Perhaps the nicest thing the headmistress ever said to us about Molly (and she said plenty of nice things) was that if they did ever decide to have head boys and girls Molly would be the one she'd pick for it. That was just lovely.

So obviously, as it's the end of Year 5 for Molly now in her new school where they do have head boys and head girls we started to think about it again. Only to have our hopes dashed by Molly coming home one night and telling us that they'd been asked to put themselves forward if they wanted to be considered and she'd been too scared to put her hand up. This is one of the character traits of Molly we're trying to change - she can be very, very nervous about putting herself forward for anything. If the teacher would have picked her she'd have no problem with it, but ask her to put her hand up and she'll think about it, think about it some more and then miss out because the moment has gone. We talked about it; Louise, Molly and I and she decided that she had wanted to go for it after all and was quite upset at how disappointed we were about it.

Anyway, we think the chance has gone. But it seems not. Molly's on the shortlist anyway. Maybe the teacher made a mistake. Maybe she put her name down anyway. Who knows. But tomorrow she has to give a presentation to her year 5/6 class and to the year 3/4 class about why she would make a really good head girl.

Which is why she insisted on writing out her speech/presentation tonight and performing it. Then rewriting/reperforming it. and then doing it again. and again. and again. Louise and I deliberately didn't chip in much, just guiding and suggesting. So the speech is all her own work.

We'll find out at prize day in July. Fingers crossed everybody.

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