Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Torchwood: Children Of Earth. We're all impressed

Yes, all of us are impressed with Torchwood Chldren Of Earth. All three of us. We decided to take the risk and let Molly stay up late and watch it, hoping that it wouldn't be too extreme or rude and trusting that Molly could refrain from repeating any swear words in front of her teacher the next day.

So far so good. Although I am right in thinking that if they did drop some of the swearing, maybe didn't have the graphic corpse scene and possibly not the full frontal arse shot of Captain Jack, this could have easily gone out earlier - just like the first series there's no real need for the supposedly adult content.

And don't tell me it's because of the sexual nature either. Far worse on bloody Eastenders. Dad was a little concerned when he realised (bless him). So we pointed out that Molly knew quite a few GLBT folks. Indeed, her first wedding was the lovely Tara and Krystal's wedding. And Molly handles stuff like this just fine - "as long as they're happy" is what we usually get round to on any argument like this.

But that aside, isn't the whole thing rather bloody good? All three of us are really enjoying it. And unlike previous Torchwood series they've not gone with a bloody stupid monster this time - less is definitely more. With two episodes to go there's always time to mess it up I suppose, but so far, so good. The concept - big threat, big secret, put Torchwood against the government - is such a cliche but it does work surprisingly well. None of the sometimes overbearing nature of either Jack or Gwen have come out here and there's just enough shock and chills to keep us all watching. Very good indeed.

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  1. They shouldn't ask British actors to pose for poster shots like that, though. They always look so embarrassed and dorky.