Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Too cool for school........ hopefully

Last night I spent far too long playing around with a music presentation for a lesson today. The idea was to get the children thinking about instruments and sounds and what exactly makes something musical.

Last year I got the electronic keyboard out and showed them that it can replicate traditional instruments. This year I decided to do the same thing but use existing pieces of music, going from simple, single instruments all the way through to full electronic pieces, both old and new to try and emphasise how music has developed alongside computers. But I didn't have any time to sort out thhe individual tracks, download them, edit them etc etc. God bless Spotify. Had everything arranged, playlist organised and ready to go. Even bought a day pass to guarantee no annoying adverts.

They certainly seemed to enjoy it. They got loud enough at times to disturb the classes around them - just like I'd hoped it would.

And yes, there was Kraftwerk involved. What did you expect? Musical education after all.

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