Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Holiday 2009: Anglesey part 1

The family Bruton headed off to Anglesey for the family holiday last week. Somehow we managed to sidestep most of the bloody horrible weather you've all been suffering and had a week of perfect Bruton holiday weather. That is, not too hot, not too cold and dry pretty much every single day.

Journey day, leaving Yorkshire to go away on holiday always seems strange as we still think of Yorkshire as our holiday destination anyway - having spent so many family holidays here before we made the move. Journey was fine, no hold ups, not bad traffic and we made Anglesey by early afternoon after a stop off in Bangor.

Why we stopped off in Bangor I really have no idea. It was awful three years ago and it's only gotten worse with time. It's one of those really nasty, bad vibe kind of towns. The sort of city that died a cultural and economic death a few years back but continues to flop around in it's own death throes, unaware of it's own demise. Packed with comedy drunks, abusive chav throwbacks and with very little of interest it was a quick lunch and back out again, with a promise to self to never go there again.

On to Anglesey. It's a lovely place. Perfect relaxing holiday destination, away from day to day stress. Except I'd packed lots of comics and the netbook with a view to filling up the nights with reducing the size of the review shelf. Then we discovered that the bungalow had broadband and I had to spend all week trying to stick to the original plan of writing without an internet connection. Something I mostly managed. Mostly.

We'd been to Anglesey quite a few times in the past; the bungalow we stop at is Louise's sisters. Which means it's a (relatively) cheap holiday - much appreciated at the moment. It also means that we're familiar with all Anglesey has to offer, and Molly had already planned out most of what we'd be doing all week. Which naturally involved regular trips to the pub at the top of the road where she knew there was a pool table she could play on. And we managed at least 3 games a night almost every night - much to her delight.

Parc Henblas / Henblas Park (oh look at me - bilingual Welsh/English. The pointlessness of the Welsh language at times). A few years ago this place was lovely; perfect for the 6 year old Molly; duck races, sheepdogs, tractor rides and a huge bouncy pyramid. But Henblas is looking a little tired and old now, and it didn't help that it was a cold, damp and rather miserable day with about 10 other families there. Ghost town:

But Molly didn't care. Not one bit.
Very few animals? Loved them all anyway.
Tractor ride a bit dull and wet? Had fun and laughs all the way.
Worst Crazy Golf course you have ever seen? Although to be fair it was the worst crazy golf course I'd ever seen last time we were there. It's only a little worse this time. But Molly decided it was going to be fun anyway.
So despite everything we had a great time.

The highlight nearly three years ago was this:

The highlight this time round:

Older, but still the same wonderful Molly.

What a wonderful girl she is.

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