Thursday, August 06, 2009

Holiday 2009: Anglesey part 3

The Welsh Mountain Zoo. Molly, like me, loves zoos. It's been a long, long time since we actually went on holiday without visiting some zoo. And it's a great zoo, full of some really great animals:

Most infuriating moment of the day; huge, fat family assembling outside toilets after collective family visit. They're exactly the sort of family you imagine spends all day, every day of their holiday in the caravan park gorging their way through enough cholesterol burgers to kill an elephant without getting up from their poolside chairs until nightfall which they spend watching shite comedians and cabaret acts whilst drinking overpriced pissy beer and eating more cholesterol in a bun. They're almost genetically incapable of looking after themselves and don't even understand even the concept of healthy eating or basic hygeine.

So why, oh please tell me, why on earth are they standing outside the toilets, in a huge zoo, full of people breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out, sharing the same germ ridden air, and the mom is handing around the anti-bac hand-gel and preaching to the children about Swine Flu?

Even better, I saw the youngest kid come out of the toilet and straight away wipe his hands across his top and pick his nose. Somehow I don't think hand gel is going to help that much.

Greenwood Forest Park. Another place we'd been to 3 years previously. And it's pretty much exactly the same as it was. Packed day doing lots and lots and lots of things in a very green millenium project park:

Pili Palas, Anglesey's butterfly farm. With surprisingly few butterflies for the time of year. Maybe the cold weather and lack of sun made a difference? Still a fun day out.
Aside from that, a very quiet day.

A very relaxing holiday for all of us. Anglesey really is a beautiful place. I even got a lot of reading and writing done. Not quite everything I took away with me got reviewed, but very nearly.

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