Thursday, August 06, 2009

More holiday stuff .... painting and painting and birthdays

Had a weird week so far. Painter came round on Monday to start on the house. Just windows, front door, front railings and garage door, just at the front. The house catches all the sun and all the rain on the front so, although we had the whole house done two years ago, the front is in desperate need of a new coat or two of paint. It's also about time we striped the front door done and attempted to reseal it so it stops leaking when we have driving rain.

The plan was Monday; strip paint, undercoat, Tuesday: gloss. But it hasn't worked out like that. Monday went well, Tuesday not so well. About half 1 he'd finished but decided the front door needed a second coat the next day. Unfortunately soon after he left the rain started here and carried on through the early hours of Wednesday. So no painting Wednesday. And since the paint hadn't gone off (or whatever the technical term is) enough when the rain started both garage door, front door and railings needed another coat. Thursday and Friday he put another couple of coats on.

The bad thing about this is that most of the week we've had to have the front door open. This isn't really compatible with going anywhere or doing anything. We've gone out and around town in the mornings when the painter was there, but most afternoons we've just had to stay in and generally relax. Board games, computer, drawing, playing in the garden, bit of cookery but nothing too exciting. Thank god that she arranged to go swimming with friends yesterday!

The other thing that I've had to do this week is sort Molly's birthday out. A big, big surprise for her this year. She's not expecting this at all. She's had a birthday list for ages, with lots of bitty things on it since she knows there's no way we can get her this........

(and you have to promise not to tell her.......)

Oh she's going to be very, very excited in a few weeks when she opens that one. Molly (and Louise) have wanted one for ages. But it's never been the right time and we're not the sort of parent who buys something this big and expensive at any other time than birthday and christmas. So this birthday, with nothing large being asked for, we figured we could just about stretch to getting it.

If I'm really lucky, I'll manage to get a photo of her face at the moment of realisation.

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