Thursday, August 20, 2009

Molly's first premiership game. On the plus side she did see 6 goals.

But on the minus side all but one of them were for the wrong team.

Hull 1 - Tottenham 5. 19th August 2009.

Well, this was an adventure. A while ago Molly brought home one of the Hull City football in the community sponsorship things for a penalty shoot out. Lots of sponsors were tapped up and she got herself a pair of tickets for the Tottenham match. On 18th August. Or at least that's what it said on the letter. But inevitably, these things get buggered about with once tv gets involved. Which is why Molly and I ventured forth to the wilds of Hull today. The 19th August. Which just so happens to be Louise's birthday. Ooops.

Actually it wasn't as bad as that sounds. Luckily we had enough notice and Louise was alright with it. It did help that we celebrated Louise's birthday yesterday, with presents and cakes. Then we left more presents waiting for her on her return from work. And tomorrow we're off for a nice meal. So Molly and I think we've covered the missing birthday quite well.

Okay, onto the match. It was Molly's first premiership match. We took her to see England ladies play at Birmingham City ground many years ago. But this was the first time she's had chance to experience the huge roar of the crowd, the shouts, the chanting, the thrills and the goals. Such a lot of goals as it turns out. Funnily enough I was thinking this might be a low scoring match. Oh dear. 5 Tottenham goals against a Hull team struggling to stay in the premiership. And after the display we saw tonight, it's going to be really, really tough this year.

But despite seeing her team go down 5-1, Molly had a fab night. Loved every moment, from the park and ride to the crowds outside the stadium. From the queues for the horrible hot dogs to the queues for the park and ride on the way back. From the moment she realised it was not just okay, but actually encouraged to shout as loud as she could in support of the team there was no stopping her.

We arrived back home close to midnight. She practically crawled into bed. Tired but very happy. Looked at me with big sleepy eyes and told me she'd had a great day and she loved me very much.

I love being daddy.

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