Sunday, August 16, 2009

More holiday stuff.... the week we've had.

Another holiday week down, 4 already gone. How can that be? Only 3 weeks left? Insane.

The last week has been spent having fun. Back to normal holiday times, after the Anglesey Holiday and the week virtually trapped in the house with the painter at work. So it was back to the Holiday planning sheet....

You'll notice it's a little fuller now than it was last time.

This week has consisted of:
Monday: Mummy surprise
Tuesday: Chill day, market and grandparents
Wednesday: Ikea and Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Thursday: Cruckley Farm with Molly's friend
Friday: Cruckley Farm with another friend - Molly's choice!

Okay, Monday was a big surprise for Louise. Molly and I had been sitting on this for days and days. Our friends and the children were heading up for the day since they couldn't make it up for either Louise's birthday or Molly's. The day was spent at Burnby Hall, running around, feeding fish and running some more. Louise had been led to believe we Molly and I were at the cinema so we picked her up from work (since we were already allegedly in the area anyway) and had great delight in seeing the disbelief on her face as we rounded the corner to see our visitors on the doorstep. Wonderful times.

Wednesday was lovely. The main thing we had to do was go to Ikea to get a couple of bookcase expanders - those things that sit on top of the billy bookcases we all know and love. The reason we need extender thingys? Too many books and graphic novels. My fault, all my fault.

After getting to Ikea and doing the inevitable thing of spending far more than I'd intended to (storage boxes, kids plates and cups - the sorts of things they may as well make compulsary for an Ikea visit really) it was off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, somewhere I'd meant to go since moving up here. And it was everything I hoped it would be. We had a great few hours there. Could have easily spent many more - we only did about a third of the place in our time there. But it was really lovely.

(Part of Babara Hepworth's Family Of Man and then the photo that everyone seems to take of it)

(Jonathan Borofsky's Molecule Man 1+1+1)

(Some Henry Moore with Molly doing her best impression)

(Part of the Peter Randall Page exhibition that Molly thought was really wonderful, this was "Multiplication By Division")

And after the Sculpture park, into the cafe for a much needed rest and a bit of experimental photography (her idea, not mine!):

She was very tired by the end of the day.

Then onto Cruckley Farm for a couple of days. We'd arranged a couple of play dates for Molly with a friend coming round on Thursday and Friday. And Molly decided she wanted to go to Cruckley Farm with both of them. Cows, pigs, goats, sheep - standard farm stuff really, but lots of open pastures where you can walk through and feed the animals by hand - one day Molly will grow out of these places but I'm glad it's not quite yet.

A good week.

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