Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, Sunday.....

Good plan for Sundays;
Aim to get to cinema for early show so Louise can have the pleasure of taking Molly to see Bandslam and I get to go and have coffee and read for 2 hours.
Get the time wrong. Realise just before leaving that you have written times down wrong and have to go for later showing.
But because you're up and awake - spend the next two hours watching the women's marathon from the world athletics championships, reading and having coffee. As terrible as I am at getting up early in the morning I do really enjoy being awake early. maybe I need to change my day: up early, bed in afternoon, up all night, grab couple of hours sleep around 4am, then up early again. Having to go to work may mess this idea up.

Best bit so far in Marathon - Steve Cram commentating on those annoying little Berlin information films the organisers insist on putting on every 20 minutes or so. And theyy all feature the Bear mascot (the one who posed with Usain Bolt and dropped one of the women athletes the other day after piggy backing her). This one was in Berlin university and ended with Bear and student walking out. Cram (bless him) starts talking about exam results and wishing everyone good luck to all.

And then he signs off with - "and if you do walk through your university holding hands with a large bear, good luck with that as well."

What a great Sunday morning.

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