Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And that was August.....

August is over. September is here.
Still one more week of holiday but it's got a muted, cloudy feel to it - like the last week of freedom. It's nowhere near as bad as I used to get. Hell, when I worked in secondary schools the last week of the holidays was an awful, terrible, depressive thing. Now I'm doing a job I love there's even a bit of me that's actually looking forward to getting back to school to see the kids again. But who wouldn't want to be in the position to be on permanent vacation?

The plan for August was to accomplish just two things:
1. Make Molly's holiday a fantastic, wonderful thing.
2. Get 31 reviews done in the 31 days I had in August.

Well, Molly's definitely had a fantastic holiday. We've done loads of great stuff, we've gone places, we've had holidays and birthdays and surprises and more treats than she can cope with. It's been wonderful. It's not that I don't try to make every holiday a great one, but for me this holiday seemed really important. She's 10 now and going into Year 6 at school - this means that next year she'll be going to secondary and as much as I hate it - next year's holiday will be different - she'll be older and going off with friends more and just wont have as much time for dear old daddy.

So this year was, in my eyes, the last big Molly and Daddy holiday. I think we pulled it off.

As for reviewing; it's a fail, but not by much. 29 reviews done in 31 days isn't bad going by anyone's standards. They're going to be going up over the next few months at the FPI blog. And as much as I was tempted to, I decided against just doing short, clear the shelf style reviews. That's just cheating in my obsessive world.

The scary thing is that there are still 17 things to review on the shelf that I've been sent by folks and a further 20 things downstairs on the library shelves in Bruton mansions that I'd love to find time to review. Hell, I'd love to just find the time to read the damn things.

So on we go into September. I can feel the chill from here.......

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