Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And whilst I think of it - what about fictions?

If you follow this blog regularly, you may have noticed I'm just not getting much up here that isn't either notifications of reviews going up at the FPI blog or repostings of old reviews every weekend.

It's annoying as hell that I'm not posting here more often, but to be honest something had to give in my life this past couple of months and blogging here was what went.

It's a combination of many things:

1. Like I said previously the summer holiday was a time for Molly and I to have fun.

2. The review work (and surprisingly, it seems to have turned into genuine work lately - go figure) takes up so much time to get done to my standards. Standards of course that I always think I'm failing at. Personally I can look back at old stuff, compare it to the new stuff and really hate either: how I used to write or how I'm writing now (or both!). But I love doing it, even though I hate it when I'm doing it - the reward is always that feeling when it all goes right - it's a great moment.

3. The FPI blog: I'm finding more and more that comic related stuff that I would have put up here tends to get saved and I put it up at the weekend when I post at the FPI blog. Sometimes I cross post but generally not.

4. Twitter. I don't twitter that much but find that it's often easier and more fitting to just rattle out 144 characters there than get a blog post done about something.

5. Possibly most importantly, I've had a general malaise when it comes to blogging. I'm sure there's some term for it, but I've hit some kind of blogger's wall recently. I'm hoping it's but a temporary thing and maybe in September I'll get back on the Blogging horse.

So that's it. Reasons Fictions hasn't exactly been buzzing lately. Sorry. Now back to reviewing!

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  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Thanks for the reminder. Don't think I had a twitter account when I started following your blog.