Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clarifying, explaining and details of my workload...... again....

I said this:

Somedays I wonder what I did before the Internet.
No Google - how would I do my job? How would I have found out what that computer error meant and how to fix it?
No Spotify - how would I find so much new (and old-new) music to annoy Louise with?
No Blogger - what would I do with my evenings?
No Wordpress - what would I write review after review after review on?
No Bloglines - how would I find all of the great news and information to write about?
Then I waffled on about how I loved Remember The Milk.

Certain people (actually just Mrs Bruton) have pointed out that this implies that before the Internet and all the goodies I've mentioned I actually did do stuff - like go out, enjoy myself, relax, talk to my wife - that sort of thing.

I'd like to point out that that was THE POINT I was trying to make. Before Internet things were so much harder yet so much less rushed as well. Both in real life and the approximation of it that I like to call my life. Pre Internet I had time to relax - except, as Louise points out - I didn't actually - for as long as she can remember I've not been the relaxing sort. But before the Internet I had to find more local, less online things to fill my life with and get stressed about.
Ho Hum.

Whereas today I find my workload just automatically expands to overfill whatever spare time I have.

Back then: work at school and work at Nostalgia & Comics. Night-time got taken up with going out and staying in. Then I decided to start doing some reviews and writing about comics for the shop. Suddenly that started taking up a lot of time. There were other things at that point of course - but those are things I'm still not mentioning - one day I shall, but not yet (nothing illegal or immoral I promise).

Now: I'm still working schools, but now I write more and more. And have a huge "reviews to do" shelf to prove it. Except the work over the last two months has meant the reviews shelf looks very slim right now. If I have a good September and October there's actually the vague possibility that I'd be almost clear and in that much desired position to be reviewing the books as they came in.
But that was too easy. So now I've signed up for another reviewing gig. One a month for the next year plus. Nothing huge. But this one has editors, deadlines and word limits. And it's killed me to write the first one this week.
So suddenly my workload expands past the available time yet again.

And you know what - I don't think I'd have it any other way.
It's just the way I am. And I'm happy with that.

But just in case I didn't make it clear this was a joke - at my expense.
(Maybe now I'll be on talking terms with Mrs B again)

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