Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, Remember The Milk - how I love thee.... more...

Somedays I wonder what I did before the Internet.
No Google - how would I do my job? How would I have found out what that computer error meant and how to fix it?
No Spotify - how would I find so much new (and old-new) music to annoy Louise with?
No Blogger - what would I do with my evenings?
No Wordpress - what would I write review after review after review on?
No Bloglines - how would I find all of the great news and information to write about?

But most of all - no Remember The Milk.

That would mean no organisation at all.

I'd barely make it out the door before the confusion hit me.

I know I used to actually have a memory. I did. No, really. But after a while that gave way. Then I had a notebook all the way through school and university that became vital to work out what work I was meant to be doing and when it was meant to be in.
Then I got a Filofax and that became the most vital thing for piecing together my life.
Then I got my wonderful Palm m550. And for years that was the thing that organised me, that told me where to be and when.

And then, miraculously, came RTM. I don't even remember when (see what a memory?) but a quick look back on the blog shows me it was here - August 2008. But even then I see it may have been a little earlier. But that means I've only been using it for little over a year.

RTM is so much a part of my daily life that it's joined the small group of online things I'd actually pay for. If they emailed tomorrow and said they were making it a premium only service and it cost £100 a year - I'd pay there and then.

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