Monday, December 21, 2009

Bruton mansions advent celebrations.....

Heavens, forgot to blog this one at the time (oh, my busy life). Just like every year since Molly was old enough to really enjoy Christmas, we got the tree out, put the Christmas music on and brought out all of the old favourites from years gone by. Granted, due to Molly having guides on the 1st December we brought the whole thing forward to the 30th November.

But we also had the ongoing problem of how to surprise Molly with the advent present. This comes from when she was very young and we were living in Birmingham. Every year, on the 1st Santa would make a flying visit to our house, leaving a present on the steps.

In Birmingham, this was easy. She was younger and more easy to fool back then and my office was on the ground floor. So all we had to do was put a gift bag on the front steps, ring the bell and then I jumped back into the office. She'd toddle out, encouraged and helped by Louise, open the door and be amazed and ecstatic year after year.

Then we came to Pocklington. The office was upstairs and Molly was a little more canny at this point. It meant I had to dash through the garage, out the front, knock the door and dash back before Molly noticed I'd gone. This sort of worked until Molly caught a glimpse of me one year. Not good. So the next step was to lean out the upstairs window and lower her present down onto the step - yes, I really did that for Christmas 2008 - see here.

This year I decided to risk the garage route again, carefully positioning the car and planning exactly how I'd do the run. And thankfully it worked. Molly got a present from Santa, I sneaked in and out of the house without detection and she was very puzzled about how it had happened. Which is just one more bit of evidence that she's not as convinced about this whole Santa thing as she used to be. Oh the joys of having Molly grow up.

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