Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Time, holidays are here....... plans, work, play, rest. But mostly work.

Last day at school for Molly and I today, complete with added snow. Lots of it.

She walked to school through the snow, I took 40 minutes to drive the 10 minute journey to work. But at least it was pretty. Slow, but pretty. A fairly uneventful day for both of us, full of all the fun of Christmas in schools, lots of fun outside in the snow for her, a morning spent finishing off things until 2010 for me. And all soundtracked today by Thea Gilmore's Christmas album; Strange Communion. Very nice indeed.

Plan for holiday: not a lot really. Off to see Nativity next week. One day sorting out a lovely present to Louise from Molly. Then it's Christmas and the world stops for a little while. This may well be Molly's last genuine Christmas as a believing child. But more on that nearer the day

Except it's not quite that easy. I'm way, way behind on writing reviews for the FPI blog at the moment. To be honest I'm hoping very few comics and books come in over the next few weeks. I've got 25 books on the review shelf and I really want to get them all done before the next SFX review deadline on jan 25th. Easy? Not exactly. But I shall try.

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