Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nope, still nothing.....

God, it's quiet round here.

Quiet on the blog, but busy, busy, busy elsewhere. I'm desperately trying to win a bet with Louise that says I can't clear the review shelf by the next deadline for the SFX reviews I have - 25th January. This means I have 13 days to do 11 reviews. Touch and go.

Louise and my bets are always for the standard currency of a takeaway of our choice. So far this year we already have bets on:
My review shelf (close, but I think Lou is going to win)
The general election (and Louise looks good on this, with a tory landslide being her call)
The world cup (I said England to the semis but so did Louise - so I yielded and said final - fingers crossed eh?)

But the reviewing, plus busy at school, plus trying to go to bed a little earlier, plus ongoing mental health issues elsewhere (not me, Lou or Molly, don't worry, but not something I feel like publically talking about yet) have meant that Fictions has been the thing that's really suffered. Apologies.

Tell you what, we'll see how the reviewing goes for January and then see where we are eh?
Until then, I've got reviews to do and a takeaway to win....

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