Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not a colour I ever want to see again..............

It's watermelon pink. Not something I'd choose to have on a wall perhaps, but in the right place I'm sure it's lovely.

The right place is not, however, the toilet bowl. Especially not when it's Molly projectile vomiting this into the bowl. Nothing particularly to worry about in the end, the lovely colour was brought about by a mixture of lots of summer fruits squash and raspberries (curse this bloody 5 a day fruit and veg lark) but it wasn't nice at the time - and the sickly sweet fruity smell will last in my olfactory memory for quite a while.

As kids do, Molly immediately felt better and went straight to sleep. And in the morning she was right as rain.

As for me, I keep smelling that damn sickly fruity raspberry smell.

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