Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The secondary school thing...

Molly has her place at the secondary school she decided she wanted to go to (more on that back here). It's the one up the road. About 5-10 minutes walk away. Not that it was ever going to be an issue. I feel for those families we left behind who are going through the nightmare of trying to explain to their little ones that they don't get to go to school with their best friends and there's nothing mummy or daddy can do about it.

But I still remember the wave of relief that Louise and I felt on our first visit to Molly's primary school when we asked the question about entry criteria for secondary schools in the area. Automatic entry to either the local comp or a Catholic school in York. That just confused us and we had to check. Yes, automatic entry meant exactly what we thought it meant. A little different from the idea we were used to back in Birmingham.

So the thing that would have been giving us nightmares and cold sweats in Birmingham we sailed through in Pocklington. It almost makes us feel guilty. Almost. But it is one of the main reasons we moved up here after all. And it's worked out wonderfully well.

It's all worked out wonderfully well. Pocklington still feels like a holiday destination that we just happen to be lucky enough to be living in. It's a great feeling. But most importantly of all, our little girl, who's not so little any more, is going exactly where she wants to be going for the next 5, maybe 7 years.

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