Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Holiday 2010 - Brutons Do Butlins pt 3


First full day and it's really becoming rather great. This is just plain weird. Expected to hate it, now finding it rather lovely. Today consisted of a good breakfast (I could have had the works many times over, but kept it to just continental and toast with lashings of coffee - and even the coffee isn't all that bad), followed by sorting out sport for the day for Molly. We convinced her to try, despite her protests, the fencing. And within a few minutes of getting the gear on and picking up the foil she was, as we thought she would be, absolutely hooked.

So much so that she's already signed us both up for family fencing tomorrow just so she can hit me with pointy sword thing. And she does hit hard.

Then into the pavillion, stuff with friends and kids, lunch, swimming (meant to be an hour or so, but turned into 2 plus since Molly and I were having so much fun), tea.

And then it all went a little wrong. I should have remained strong, shouldn't have let the guilt get to me, should have carried on the deal same as it was last night with me doing the day stuff and Louise doing the night stuff, but Molly convinced me to stay for the entertainment for the evening. Oh, that was a mistake.

For a start the main events hall looks like the working men's club it was probably originally designed from. And the smell..... imagine a room, with no ventilation apart from bad air con, no exits except one small set of double doors and years of sweating kids and adults. It was everywhere, just seeping into the nostrils from the carpet. Not nice, not nice at all. And then the entertainment started. Mist - a magic and illusion double act who didn't quite make it to the live finals of Britain's Got Talent two years back. Yes, exactly. But Piers Morgan described them as one of the best magic acts he'd seen so far on the show - so that's alright then. Because Piers Morgan's critical opinion is just the sort I'd trust.

They were every bit as awful as you'd expect. Over half an hour, maybe three quarters they ran through a terrible set of overly staged crap magic. Awful, awful stuff. And there's me, sat right next to Molly, who's loving it, having to play along. Not the best couple of hours of my life. Tomorrow night it's the big X-Factor / Britain's Got Talent night at Butlins. The queueing will start for 7pm doors about 5pm. We're taking it in shifts, since it's the thing he kids all want to see, but my involvement starts and ends with keeping a place in the queue - I'm kissing wife and child goodbye and retreating to the quiet(ish) hotel bar.

One strange thing I realised about Butlins today - for a place with so many really fat folks there's an awful lot of walking going on - I guess they load up on all that free food at breakfast and teatime? I'm loving it. On my feet all day and night, walking through the main pavilion countless times each day, outside walking around the attractions just as much. Walk, walk, walk. It's lovely. Hopefully the car will start when we go back to it on Friday afternoon.

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