Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Holiday 2010 - Brutons Do Butlins pt 4


Oh, what happened on day 3 of Butlins. I'm writing this one a day late and my mind has gone almost blank. Doesn't help that I'm sat in the late bar with a DJ pumping Alexandra Burke at bass thumping, deafening volume that goes right through the furniture and the body. But even that hasn't spoilt the evening

I seem to recall a day spent having fun, swimming was involved. And a funfair at some point. It all started off with family fencing, where Molly took great delight in beating me before we went on to try to beat other families. She did okay, I did okay - although there's something disconcerting about being told you have to try and beat a 9 year old child who you haven't met before. Didn't stop me though.

And since it was Wednesday night and the main night of the holiday, it was the big draw in the centre stage venue - stars of X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent. What Butlin's did before these god awful talent shows I have no idea. But a plan was hatched amongst those planning on going to see them, including (heaven help me) my darling wife and child, that involved queueing in shifts. Stupidly I didn't really believe we'd need to do that until we walked past the start of a queue for a 7pm show at 4:30. How sad do you have to be to start queueing for some talent show failures over 2 hours before the doors to the venue opened? Very, very sad according to the sorry state of humankind I saw sat in the queue.

But an hour later and we were part of that self same queue, a queue that would eventually stretched to several hundred people, right round the corner and out of the bloody doors. I joined in as well, even to the point of going in at the time in case wife and child needed help shifting tables to get just the right spot. Then I had the fun of trying to get out of the bloody place, fighting my way through an oncoming stream of human detritus, the salmon against the stream, desperate to escape the horrors. I escaped and Molly and Louise had a wonderful night. It ended up being Stavros Flatley and Jamie (Afro) Archer. Stavros Flatley are a 3 minute act milking it for anything they can get and even Molly was to admit they were crap later on. But Jamie Archer they both absolutely loved. Oh dear.

Later on I ventured forth to the late bar, only to find my usual place was shut and the late bar that night was Jaks. Off I toddled, expecting to at least be able to find a table to pitch up at for an hour or so to write from. No such luck. I walk into Jaks and immediately realise it's meat-market nightclub nightspot time at Butlins. In, G&T at the bar and out all in less than 10 minutes. So no writing at all yesterday. But STILL a great day.

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