Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Holiday 2010 - Brutons Do Butlins Pt 5


The last full Butlins day. And we made it a full one. Started off on the Aerial Ropes course, which although Molly didn't know it, was a test to see if Molly was going to be up to the courses she's going to do later in the year with Guides and then school at two trips to outward bound centres. The ropes course was great. Molly was brilliant at it. Froze just once, really early on, but got herself together and did it not just once, but twice. Very proud.

Then funfair again. We managed to gain a huge bloody stuffed frog that we're trying to convince Molly to leave at Butlins but that we fear will be coming home with us. (It did and it's currently sat in Molly's room - big and horrible).

The night-time was meant to be me going off writing again. But it didn't work out that way..... I was persuaded to go along with Louise, Molly and friends to the last night Butlins Reflex night. Starting out with a kids disco, then on with an 80s tribute band, although not really what I'd think of if someone said 80s tribute band. Like we agreed at the time - more an anything after 1987 that counts as soft rock and the two female pub singer belters at the front could bellow out. So we get Heart, T'Pau, Bonnie Tyler, Journey, Europe and more. The only thing that kept me there, the only thing that made it okay and not something to stick pencils in the ear and push was a great game of "crap 80s songs that could be in the set". That game kept us going for ages, so much so that we made a list and even started enjoying the music, or more accurately just the first 30 seconds of each song, just for the fun of seeing it crossed off the list.

After that, more drinking, more dancing from Molly (with her favourite Redcoat in the world - Curtis) and a complete lack of me doing any writing as I was having far too much fun. Hell, I even rather enjoyed the Bootleg Blondie set at the end.

All part of the Butlin's experience. And all part of the great fun I had there.

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