Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup stuff.....

Well, it's been bloody fun so far. Molly keeps wondering when it's all going to end, keeps asking why I insist on watching every single match that I can. But luckily Louise is into it as well - she's not quite watching every match, and I have to agree with her that the whole first set of matches were really dreadful affairs (bar the first South Africa match). But since then the second and third set of matches have been great.

I wish South Africa would have made it through, as they've played wonderfully. But the most importantly is that England (finally) made it. Granted, the group games have been awful, the Algeria match was the worst I've ever seen them play, but the Slovenia game was better, much better (although it couldn't have been any worse to be honest).

Louise took the day off work, I had to go in and just couldn't get home in time for the kick off. I made it home for 3:20, Louise had the door open and the beer on the table. Molly was at school sports club so we could shout, scream and swear to our heart's content until she eventually came home just before the end. She said that she and her friends could hear us screaming all the way down the road.

Joe Cole's inclusion was worth it just for the spectacular way he took the ball into the corner and played keepy with James Milner.
Rooney looked injured or off form towards the end but it seems to be a minor thing, maybe he just needs a bloody goal to get him going.

Sunday we have a tricky situation though. England kick off against Germany at 3pm. Molly has a laser quest party at 3:45. England game finishes (full time) around 4:50. Molly's party finishes at 5:30. So we're desperately trying to figure out how best to schedule it all, maybe missing the first half and catching the second on TV.
And what the hell happens if there's extra time and penalties I have no idea. Do you think Molly would mind if we left her at Laser Quest till it's all over?
(Nah.... maybe not)

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