Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Countdown to end of term, countdown to a new school.....

Two weeks to go. 10 days. And then it's the summer holidays.

I could start telling you about the amazing amount of work I've got to fit in between now and then, but I'm not going to. Because this year, this summer is a major moment for Molly. It's the end of primary school, the end of Year 6. She goes to secondary in September and is ridiculously excited about it. Maybe a little nervous as well. But mostly excited.

Today was the first of a whole host of leavers things; her prizegiving. Not quite as exciting as last year when she was made head girl, but a lovely, slightly sad afternoon. Molly, as head girl, had to make a long speech with the head boy talking about everything their year has down and did it brilliantly. It's all too easy to forget just how bloody great Molly is, after a few moody strops and sulks too many when she's at home. But sometimes all we have to do is talk to people who aren't her parents or see her in action and we realise how absolutely lovely, clever and special she is.

Strangely there were no tears from the Year 6 leavers, but our inside source tells us that they've been practising the special leavers assembly for next week and they're weeping just at the rehearsal. Oh dear.

Anyway, pictures from the prizegiving....

and here they are, the class of 2010......

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