Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Head Girl!!!!

She got it!

After finally putting herself forward (the story behind that is here) we went off to prize day today with fingers crossed for Molly to get the Head Girlship of her school.
And she did.
Not only that but she got the Netball prize as well. Both were complete surprises to everyone, as the results weren't known to the children beforehand. The head girl award was even voted on by the whole of Years 3-6 in what is meant to be a totally democratic vote. Or possibly as democratic as voting by children in a school ever gets I suppose.

Her reign as Head Girl begins in September. She gets a badge and everything. Very proud. Louise had tears in her eyes as Molly's name was announced. I just had one of those moments where I suddenly realised that in just one short year we'll be back at prize day for the last time and I'll be wondering where my little girl has gone and when she became the grown up young person off to secondary school far too quickly. This huge wave of sadness washed over me as I tried to imagine what it would be like at Bruton mansions with an older Molly. Then I got even more upset as I realised that eventually older Molly turns into left home Molly. Too horrible to think about for too long.

But we're such very, very proud parents right now. And being proud and responsible parents we let her stay up way past her bedtime and watch Torchwood. Then we spent 10 minutes trying to convince her to use her new powers and responsibilities to organise a flashmob in the playground tomorrow; all the children stand still and start chanting "we are coming.... we are coming". Being fr more sensible than us, Molly said that was stupid and she wasn't going to do it. Smart child.

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